Lone Wolf Sullivan

Lone Wolf Sullivan

Screenplays Available

Lone Wolf Sullivan has 3 completed screenplays available:

LONE WOLF GOES HOLLYWOOD is about a talking Arctic Wolf with an IQ of 193 who leaves his pack and finds fame and fortune in Hollywood. It's an amusing expose of Hollywood, an expanded version of my short story. The movie is a 6 song musical and has a theme song, plus the songs "Lone Wolf Howl" and "Hollywood Movie Life". A large budget is required for this for this film.

Here is a link to the theme song "Lone Wolf Goes Hollywood": http://www.castmp3.com/index.php?t=mp&sg=4353

Here is a link to "Hollywood Movie Life": http://www.castmp3.com/index.php?t=mp&sg=3133 

FORGOTTEN DREAMS is primarily about sleep and dreams. This script is somewhat non-linear, and hyper-realistic in that it cuts through the BS of our so-called reality.  It can be made on any budget. There is a theme song for this film and here is a free link:  http://www.castmp3.com/index.php?t=mp&sg=4362

TIME is a 40 song Musical that is in the form of a grand opera, meaning there is no spoken dialogue. The songs explore all aspects of time. That's it! No screenplay, no dialogue, just a magnificent and entertaining Musical for a Hollywood movie. All the songs have been recorded. A movie script is superfluous and inadequate. You just have to listen to the songs in the proper sequence to understand the "story". Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam would be the best directors for this musical. This must be a big budget movie. TIME is also a musical stage play and 3 CD set.

Here is a free link to the song "Rhapsody in Time": http://www.castmp3.com/index.php?t=mp&sg=4081

I also have 2 novels and a biography I want made into movies, although I will not write the screenplays.  "Overland" is my non fiction novel about my adventures traveling overland from Istanbul to India.  "A Wolf Among Sheep" is a non-fiction novel about hippie bohemianism and half the book is reviews of music concerts of famous rock stars.  "The Life and Art of Edward Apt" is the biography of a sculptor who was a Freedom Fighter in the Hungarian Revolution and was a notorious ladies man.  His life is fascinating. 

I own all my screenplays, they will be published in book form, and they are not for sale. Forget about "option agreements" and your usual business tactics. We can make a deal but I must retain ownership of my screenplays, be paid for their use, and receive a percentage of the box office profits. I don't do low budget projects and I expect a lot of money for my work. Furthermore, I do not tolerate arrogant BS from "industry professionals", the former used car salesmen who know nothing about writing or art.

If you are a filmmaker interested in my scripts and books, or an excellent reputable agent who wants 10 % of my potential fortune, please contact me at lonewolfsullivan@yahoo.com